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  • IA-talk

    Posted on June 16th by Becca.
    Over the weekend I met with my friend Ren Pope to talk Information Architecture (as well as careers, korean food and the word progress). Ren promotes the idea ...

    New Project: Drupal Documentation IA

    Posted on June 2nd by Becca.
    This summer I'll be helping the Drupal Documentation team with some bottom-up Information Architecture for migrating the Docs content over to the redesigned Drupal.org. I've been chatting with add1sun about the project ...

    Drupal developer personas

    Posted on April 23rd by Becca.
    I was just going through some work I did a few months back and found some personas I wrote based off of some interviews with (mostly) Drupal developers. I ended up finding ...

    Kim Goodwin on project planning

    Posted on April 14th by Becca.
    I'm currently reading Kim Goodwin's Designing for a Digital Age, and I like the way she breaks down project planning for interaction design. When a(n interactive product) project is introduced, whether ...

    DupalCon DC usability study presentation

    Posted on March 30th by Becca.
    Video footage of the presentation of Drupal Usability Study #3 at DrupalCon DC.

    My thoughts on Drupal usability

    Posted on March 26th by Becca.
    Kent Bye of Lullabot interviewed me (and other team members, as well as a whole lot of other Drupal community members) at Drupalcon. Take a listen to the interview.

    Tricks from #drupalusability

    Posted on March 13th by Becca.
    The Drupal study #3 team came up with some pretty interesting tricks to use time efficiently and capture data during the usability study. I geek out on tools, and how we make ...

    Post-Study Brain Dump

    Posted on March 10th by Becca.
    One little practical issue I found myself thinking about during the Drupal study was accommodating different styles of working while evaluating a web app. Something we wanted all of our participants in ...

    Drupal testing underway

    Posted on February 26th by Becca.
    Long days + late nights + post its and stale popcorn! And making friends again with the mic in the observation room of the fabulous UB Usability lab... In my last Drupal usability ...

    From Penn Station to the User Research Lab

    Posted on February 15th by Becca.
    It's really just across the street. Once you enter, take a right at the security desk and walk to the end of the hall. Take a right through the doors to the staircase. ...