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    Formal usability testing of Drupal 7

    Posted on February 5th by Becca.
    February 25 - March 3rd (1 week before DrupalCon) I'll be hostingĀ  several members of the Drupal usability team in Baltimore for the third usability test of the administrative interface. ...

    Reading Mental Models, part 2

    Posted on September 29th by Becca.
    Where will Mental Models fit into my research? Indi Young's Mental Models method involves two major affinity diagramming sessions. First, the design team brainstorms on the activities of the potential user base. The ...

    perceived affordance

    Posted on September 25th by Becca.
    We work towards goals, from simple to very complex, known and unknown, throughout our lives. As we aim for our goals we navigate a rich natural, social and artificial environment. Through these ...

    Reading Young’s Mental Models, part 1

    Posted on September 5th by Becca.
    Indi Young offers a practical and detailed book on her user research methods inĀ Mental Models: Aligning design strategy with human behavior. This semester I have the opportunity to concentrate on ...