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    Drupal Usability Study Report:  A report on a study of the Drupal administrative interface. Eight web developers with no prior Drupal experience were asked to build a simple site using Drupal.

    User Research

    An investigation into project management using the contextual inquiry method. Download the report PDF.

    A contextual field review of the Graduate admissions application process at the University of Baltimore. Download the report PDF.

    An image collage study with four participants looking at emotions behind blue-jeans. Download the report PDF.

    Information Architecture

    Summer 2009 – Drupal.org Documentation IA

    ACM SIGGRAPH strategy report and redesign. Download the report PDF (warning – 10MB).

    A navigation analysis of the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum website. Download the report PDF.

    Interaction Design

    Footprint:  A conceptual design for a tangible smart pen game to teach sustainability concepts to children in grades K – 5. Download the presentation PDF or the project documentation.

    PDA Expense Tracking Tool:  A design for a simple app for a PDA or phone to tracks receipts based on user research. Download the presentation PDF.

    User-Centered Design website redesign recommendations and wireframes from Summer 2008. Download the documentation PDF.

    A heuristic review with a focus on decreasing the cognitive demands on attention and memory for seniors of the medicare.gov website. Download the report PDF.

    Research and Writing

    Designing a Pleasurable Interface:  Considerations of emotion and pleasure in HCI. Download the report PDF.

    Seeking Sustainability in Interaction Design:  Explores sustainable design principles within interaction design and other fields. Download the report PDF.

    Teaching Complex Behaviors: How do we teach a complex behavior like sustainability to children? In this paper I look at Fogg’s functional triad network, the Children’s Tangible Interaction framework, and consider fitness as an analagous behavior. Download the report PDF.