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  • My name’s Becca and I study interaction design at the University of Baltimore. I’m most interested in sustainable systems design and the creative use of technology to work towards a lighter existence on this earth. I draw on my training in the M.S. Interaction Design and Information Architecture program at the University of Baltimore, my background in electronic arts, the local collectives I live in and work for in Baltimore and my interest in gardening and permaculture to feed this interest (amongst other things).

    My interest in user-centered design comes from my background in electronic art and experience working with technology in the world of arts administration. Most recently I’ve worked with the user research firm Summers Consulting on ways to improve the user experience by¬†understanding mental models and customer behavior for a fortune 500 company. Over the past year I’ve become involved in the Drupal open source community as a part of my long-standing¬†commitment to sustainable systems and communities. I’m thinking a lot about how to incorporate human centered design methods into the open source design community. Recently I worked with other members of the Drupal usability group to organize the first community run usability test for Drupal 7.

    Outside of consulting work (and my work with Drupal), I manage the User Research Lab at the University of Baltimore. I have completed my coursework and am currently working on my thesis.