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  • I’m involved in a range of projects. Here are a few:

    Drupal Usability & User Experience
    I’ve conducted two usability tests on the administrative interface of Drupal, the first as a project for my Research Methods class and the second with members of the Drupal Usability group (which was followed by a presentation at DrupalCon DC). I have also conducted 22 remote interviews with Drupal users around the world to help refine audience and personas. I’m currently working on design methods within the Drupal open source community for my thesis.

    Red Clover Collective
    I co-founded the Red Clover Collective in 2003. We’re a six member housing collective in the Better Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore, committed to urban sustainability, social justice and the arts. I’ve done everything from facilitate meetings, lead workshops, write sustainability plans, cook, grow a vegetable garden, write vision and missions statements and general maintenance.

    2640 Project
    The 2640 Project is a cooperative events venue in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore. We’re an all volunteer, collectively run event space that organizes and hosts conferences, music, performance, speakers, films, art shows, fundraisers, as well as occasional midnight movie showings for ourselves.